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Our Mission:

We are dedicated to providing the service our clients deserve. We aim to provide the highest quality and professional review of the efficiency and security of your system.

We are a business built on the reputation for integrity, availability and reliability.

The best compliment we can receive is a referral from a client.

Client Testimonials:
Greg is excellent and the best "computer guy" I have ever worked with. I sold hardware/software system for 25 years, so I have been around many "computer guys". We met Greg when he still lived in Arizona, and even with the distance now he has helped us out many times with urgent and very significant issues. We have a business and we cannot afford to be down with our systems. I have learned the hard way, and we have Greg maintain our systems on a regular basis now. Greg most recently also helped us set up a remote employee, which made the transition and the process of setting up a remote workstation very painless for us and the new employee. Greg made it possible for us to remotely log into the off-site computer to work on it and monitor it. He is definitely our "go to guy" and I would recommend him to my best friends and business partners. Greg is technically VERY competent, very prompt with his service yet fair in his pricing. You can't go wrong with Greg. Thanks, Greg!

Birgit Beierling
Global Business Support LLC

When it comes to computer matters, I trust Greg with everything. On the few times he didn't have a ready answer, he researched the issue until he found the answer. I would be lost without Greg's assistance.

Barb Schmit
Senior Account Manager
Esselte Corporation

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  • I have always found Greg to be responsive, knowledgeable and professional in all of my dealings with him. He has also earned my trust and is one of the very few vendors I deal with that is allowed to have a key and alarm access to my business anytime.

    Dan Dockry
    Stellar Sales

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  • Greg is very knowledgeable in many areas; he knows software, hardware and pretty much anything else you might want to connect to your computer such as PDA's, iPod's, MP3 or MP4 Players as well. His ability to dig into any situation you may have is invaluable. It's rare you can find an IT person with the knowledge Greg has.

    Jeannette Cassel
    Chief Financial Officer
    Innovative Lighting Solutions, Inc.

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  • Greg distinguished himself by consistently being available at a moment's notice and he was more than willing to work with us on whatever project arose. Greg is highly intelligent and has good analytical and communication skills.

    Molly K. Dorsey
    Vice President, Marketing
    Insight Diligence

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  • We finally enlisted the services of Greg McIntyre and his company and were pleasantly surprised at how quickly and efficiently he was able to resolve all the previous issues and get our laptop up and running again.

    Dan & Lisa Bright
    Tustin, CA

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  • I have been using Greg McIntyre for 15 years now for all my computer needs. Over the 15 years I have had several businesses and he never fails to be able to set up my computer to help with business.

    Rob Allen
    Arrowhead Pool & Spa Service

    We had a cluge of systems for my company. Greg came in and got everything organized and running much better than we had in the past. Now, thanks to Greg, our office systems have little trouble and everyone is much more productive.

    Darren Scharringhausen
    Stellar Sales, Inc.

    I would like to say, I have always found Greg to be a very honest and trustworthy person. You can feel completely secure in trusting him with your sensitive personal or business matters. He is of the highest character.

    J. Wendy Arnold
    La Habra, CA

    We have been counting on him for years.

    Sherri Waldvogel
    Operations Manager
    Stellar Sales, Inc.

    It is with great confidence that we go forward on this technological highway with Greg as our guide. We would highly recommend Greg's services to anyone.

    Carl & Kimberley Hoffman
    Santa Ana, CA

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