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To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Greg McIntyre and the services he provides my company.

I have known Greg and utilized his computer expertise for my business for almost 10 years now. During that time he was responsible setting up, installing and maintaining our entire computer network at my office and continues to do so today.

I have always found Greg to be responsive, knowledgeable and professional in all of my dealings with him. He has also earned my trust and is one of the very few vendors I deal with that is allowed to have a key and alarm access to my business anytime.

He has done an excellent job with our network over the years in troubleshooting any problems and implementing a quick solution. Being a small business owner, any time my network is down, it costs me money and it is extremely important that our system be continually running so I can service my customers. Because of Greg's efforts we rarely experience any problems and when they do occasionally arise, they are quickly fixed.

Greg has also done a terrific job working with my entire staff when they individually encounter a problem as well.

In closing, I would highly recommend using Greg's service and I know any business owner who chooses to will not be disappointed.


Dan Dockry
Stellar Sales

14300 Alondra Boulevard, La Mirada, California 90638
Telephone: 714-690-6400 / Facsimile: 714-690-6410

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