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To whom it may concern,

I have known Greg McIntyre for 15 years. He has been my "computer guy" during that entire time. I first talked with Greg about computers when asking him what to look for in buying a new system: computer, monitor, and keyboard. After inspecting my system, he felt that a few upgrades would be all that I need. So, he proceeded to order everything and then assembled all of these new components.

After a few more years, it was time to upgrade again. Greg walked me through all aspects of the upgrade, with recommendations of what to buy and how much to spend. Once again, he did all of the work himself. Though I am not a novice in regards to computers and working on them, I prefer to rely on his advice and let him do the work if he is able to.

I recently had a complete system failure. Because of the way Greg had configured my computer, I lost no data. He once again instructed me on the components to buy and re-assembled my computer. I have sent my parents and my in-laws to him for advice. Nobody has ever been disappointed with his services.

When it comes to computer matters, I trust Greg with everything. On the few times he didn't have a ready answer, he researched the issue until he found the answer. I would be lost without Greg's assistance.


Barb Schmit
Senior Account Manager
Esselte Corporation

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